Mowing the driveway

My driveway is a delightful mix of weeds, grass and rocks. I was just out there yesterday mowing it.

Driveway gravel, grass and weeds TWO

I made a grand stab at getting it paved when I became a single parent but could only afford the first layer of gravel—which is now partly in the drive and partly in the front lawn, due to several winters of enthusiastic snow shoveling.

One thing you learn about mowing the drive is the need to wear protective eye gear. Dollar store shades will do but you’ve got to keep them on, even on hot, sweaty days when they steam up and slide off your nose.

On the plus side, it just occurred to me that mowing the driveway may be why the lawnmower’s blades always seem sharp even though I never maintain them. The gravel is a natural sharpening system!

I’ve made peace with my driveway’s stubbly bits and now I mow them with pride.

Of course, if you’d like to start a little crowdfunding campaign to throw some pavement on there, I wouldn’t object.

c 2013 Kathy Barthel

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