Who is Bratty Kathy?

Bratty Kathy is me,  Kathy Barthel—web copywriter, online editor, blogger and public speaker.

Kathy Barthel 398 x 398 fur jacket

The purpose of Bratty Kathy is to inspire women to let loose the kick-ass spirit inside of them—their inner “brat”!

What is a “brat”?

 “brat” = (n) someone who goes against the grain, stirs things up to make people think, to make a difference, witty, clever, surprising, a maverick, sexy, fearless, optimistic, aware, ageless, alive.

Being a brat has to do with talking about things and doing things that may not be the “accepted wisdom”, but that are part of life – of really living life, of going deep instead of just skimming the surface.

Being a brat has to do with seeing the humour in everyday challenges and seeking the light when you’re not sure it’s there.

It has to do with owning and embracing your whole self, including your flaws, even when you may not feel like a brat.

On those days, your inner brat is just resting.;)

Kathy Barthel

(Entire site contents copyright 2014 by Kathy Barthel)

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