Bratty Kathy is about being a brat–stirring things up (misbehaving if necessary) to make people think, to make a difference, to put your voice out into the world.

Sometimes brats need to exercise their sense of humour, tweak a taboo, or toss the accepted wisdom on its head.

Being a brat takes guts and relentless spirit because it’s about not letting anyone or anything get in the way of who you are or who you need to become. No one. Not even yourself.

Bratty Kathy is about pushing boundaries—pushing against the status quo that fears change, the status quo that fears that people may be shocked, that they may not accept who you really are. It even pushes against the kind concern of friends and family who’d rather you played it safe, instead of putting yourself out there.

It would be so much easier to do that, to stay where you are, to avoid the risk. But that choice will stifle your energy, your gifts and your spirit. And it will eat away at you, bit by bit, year by year.

Bratty Kathy will always push against anything that threatens to hold you down instead of lifting you up.

Carpe diem, baby.

(Entire site contents copyright 2014 by Kathy Barthel)

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